__________ Saturday, March 28, 2015 __________________________________________________


2015 cbrr superman finish

Look! Even Superman managed to finish!

We are so excited about this year’s race.  Our  residents, participants, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, and emergency management REACT & Sheriff’s Office personnel all came together to make a wonderful morning go so smoothly.    Many thanks to all of you that supported the event, and ultimately our residents of Wesley Glen Ministries.

Results are posted HERE, Photo’s will be up soon.

Special thanks to Kevin Nichols of DKH ENTERTAINMENT GROUP for contributing a great vibe with some awesome tunes on race day.  He always donates his time to the event, and would be a great DJ for any event you might have.

Once we catch up on sleep, unload and store all the materials we have begged & borrowed for race day, we will have a post-race debriefing and try to capture what we did right this year, as well as opportunities for improvement.  If you have any suggestions about what you like or how to improve our event, please let us know via an email to racedirector@cherryblossomroadrace.com.  We promise we care, and strive to continue to focus on making our event better for years to come.

If you had a good time and want to see the event continue, please visit our Sponsors and let them know you appreciate their support of the event.  They give generously either in funds or in-kind contributions, working hard to help us enjoy a successful day.  The greatest thank you would be to  patronize their businesses and express gratitude for their participation.

Again, thanks to all of you.  Sincerely, Tom Adrien, Race Director


We are busy on all race details, planning and developing enhancements and improvements to provide the best race experience we can.  We are always open to suggestions.  If you would like to volunteer, pls visit the  Volunteer tab to see opportunities that fit your interests and skill set.

Many thanks to everyone who came out to support the race last year.

Last Years Results are posted here–>  Click here to view them.

Last Years Photos (thanks to Clay Teague Photography) are posted here –>  Click here to view them.


Please take a minute to browse our sponsor tab.  Our sponsors are awesome!



All proceeds from the race are donated to Wesley Glen Ministries, a local Methodist ministry caring and providing housing for adults with developmental disabilities.  Through its Life Skills Center, Wesley Glen also hosts workshops, continuing education series, and routine meetings of community groups interested in understanding, supporting and improving the lives of individuals and families with various challenges.