Amerson River Park (Old Macon Waterworks) is the new venue. We are working with Parks & Rec to finalize the course and will post a map as soon as its finished.

To maintain the quality event experience, and out of safety concerns, we elected this year to only offer the 5K. Since we changed the venue to Amerson River Park,  we could not work out a 10K route that stayed in the park,  didn’t have runners doing multiple loops w/out running against the direction of other runners.   We are excited that the  proximity to the Heritage Trail will provide 10K or even 20K distances in future years.  Since I believe we risk losing some of our dedicated 10K’ers this year, I hope you can appreciate the decision was based solely on safety and delivering the best customer experience.

This is an outline of our 5K route.  We will run the Park Loop first, then the Great Lawn Loop.  We will not do multiple loops to achieve mileage.  We will have our start be an out & back to the entrance round-about and back to give runners more time to sort out their spacing according to pace, and stretch out the crowd a bit, thin the herd so to speak,  before entering the parkways.   The map is accurately depicting our start/finish (green/red lines) and registration areas at Porter Pavilion.

5K run map draft 12FEB18